Challenges With High-Tech Windscreens



The future is a malleable thing. Technology is shifting and changing things, altering how we see the world or parts of it in startling ways. Describing the very concept of a smartphone to someone from just fifty years ago would baffle their sensibilities because it seems impossible to their mental framework.


Windscreen replacement Perth is something we consider straightforward, if tedious.


You remove the old pane of glass, clean off any debris, and install a new one. Sure, you might realise that you can instead get repairs, but that’s not always the case. However, technology might cause things to change.


Consider, for instance, the fact that more advanced cars use the windscreen for various functions.


The windscreen is designed for protection and practicality. Driving is difficult if you’re fighting off debris and materials coming at you as your vehicle ploughs onward. The pane of glass keeps things out, so you can focus on operating the hulking machine you’re riding.


Nowadays, though, there are changes.


For example, in some vehicles, the windscreen is a crucial component in the internal climate systems of the car. When we think of these things, we imagine air conditioning or heating. We think it’s just the exhaust ports because that’s what we see.


However, the glass used in the windows and upfront can all be part of that system. If you change the windscreen, you can’t just toss a new one in. You have to recalibrate everything, so the entire system works as intended.


It gets harder when you have glass that’s tied to more complex systems. Think about those models of cars when the windscreen kit is linked to subtler – but no less crucial – elements of the car function.


You might find that the windscreen is part of things like active cruise control that keeps the car a safe distance from whatever is in front of it. There might be sensors tied to it and other areas that control automatic braking systems.


I’ve even seen high-tech vehicles that integrate the windscreen into a sensor array that detects pedestrians and recognises traffic signs. In this case, it functions like another eye that can help you drive or spot things on the road you might miss.


Kits that relies on windscreens in this sense can be a challenge. Think for a moment. Would a repaired crack in these things achieve the correct results or is any chip going to distort the data it gathers?