4 ways to discover yourself



“Am I special?”


“Do I really have talent?”


“What can I do really?”


If anyone of this has ever crossed your mind, hey, I gat you!


These are questions that help you to discover yourself. They’re more than questions. They are golden words that should resonate on the mind of anyone who wants to offer the world one thing or the other.


Every great and successful person we now see and respect today were once lost in these thoughts. These questions are what we really need to answer (they’re not rhetorics).


The following are what to do about the questions…


  1. Focus on your strength: This alone, is not the start, it’s about it all. What focusing on your strength would do for you, is more than what you’d ever imagine. Some like focusing and improving on their weaknesses. This is only advisable when you’ve really excelled in doing what you know how to do best. What this means is that focusing on your weakness always stand behind focusing on your strength.


When after we’ve done valiantly in our strength, we’d be cockier to face up and focus on our weakness with ease.


  1. Develop more on your strength: This can only be done when you surround yourself with everything that would gear you towards seeing your strength and getting better with it, and it alone. In fact, you won’t be bitter because you’re doing what makes you happy.


  1. Don’t live your life on another man’s life: Hey! Just be yourself. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because they abound more when you fear them. One of the major reasons why people live their lives as subsets of another person’s life is because they don’t wanna make mistakes. They believe those people are super beings and should be looked at if you don’t wanna make mistake. This may be right, but most times, what looking at people get you is distractions and disbelief in your own strength.


  1. Be confident: People would say you’re cocky, but the sane minds around will, in no time appreciate that you were and yet, still are cocky. What matters in discovering yourself is you, you are what you wanna discover, its you, not another person. So, be confident that you’d do that best.